CNC Turning Parts

We are always up to date with the advanced cadcam software

Stainless Steel Shaft
Size: od80 x 1650mm(l)
Size: od192mm x 780mm(l)
Material: Inconel 718
Tapper Hollow Tube
Size: od540mm x id490mm x 1250mm(l)
Size: od38mm x 720mm(l)
Main Shaft
Size: od560mm x 4200mm(l)
Extrusion Moulding part
Size: od1030mm x 645mm(l)
Main Shaft
Size: od260mm x 740mm(l)
Material: Super Duplex
Wood Moudling Machine Part
Size: od1060mm x 440mm(l)
Long Shaft
Size: od55mm x 965mm(l)
Profile Shaft
Size: od64mm x 315mm(l)