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Our Commitment to Quality

Total Quality Commitment
about-kuen-factory-view-09Quality has a price. And in high precision parts fabrication especially, a compromise on quality could be an expensive lesson for us and the customer.

The cost for compromising on quality will probably be many more times over the cost of the finished part itself when a sub-quality is found to be the cause of machine damage, production rejects, production delay and unwarranted insurance claims.

Kuen never compromise on quality because of wanting to deliver our service more competitively at a lesser cost. It is irresponsible of us to do that.

What needs to be done should be done professionally. In this respect, we are always honest with the customer for his interest sake and for our integrity.

Provide Honest Engineering Solution that truthfully addresses the exact requirements of the customer
about-kuen-factory-view-07We will give our customers valid reasons on why paying a price on the quality needed are doing them good. This mutual understanding with our customers to respect quality has all along been Kuen's guiding principle for excellence and it is a good foundation to build trust and long term customer-relationship.

Quality Assurance
Kuen Engineering places great importance on quality assurance to ensure the final part concerned can stand up to the expectation of its precision, performance, durability and certified fit for actual application. We conduct pre and post production quality checks utilizing state of the art machine like the Wenzel CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine).

In our trade, even compromising on a small margin of error can be a costly affair to us and with this lesson, Kuen Engineering is extra vigilant on its quality management process.

Using Latest Technologies & Innovative Approaches
Machining Facilities and Technologies
about-kuen-factory-view-08Today’s challenges cannot be answered by yesterday’s solution sufficiently. The reality of advancing technologies towards higher quality drives market expectation for higher quality benchmark.

And it is no longer an option for not investing into higher technologies to stay relevant in fulfilling customer’s rising expectation adequately.

Kuen Engineering has been investing and will continue to do so progressively on high-tech CNC milling and lathe machines to keep pace with market expectation and stay ahead of the competition by getting itself prepared in meeting customer’s current and future expectation.