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About KUEN Engineering

KUEN - The Community Way of Doing Business
about-kuen-factory-view-01Kuen Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd was borned in 1979 out of a passion for engineering and a commitment to fulfill the hungry machining needs of a growing industrial nation then, our beloved Malaysia.

Liew Sze Yoon, the founder of Kuen Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd was inspired to use the word "Kuen" appropriately and meaningfully as the name of his company when establishing it in 1979.

about-kuen-factory-view-02Knowledge Engineering Solution
With the latest technology is applied to deliver top quality, high precision and cost-effective products that best-fit customer’s requirements.

Upholding Kuen’s Professional Integrity
By consistently delivering trusted engineering solution of real value that truly satisfies customer’s needs.

Embracing Ethical Corporate Values
In our way of doing business by treating our customers, employees, stakeholders and those whom we engaged in our business dealings with fairness, trust and mutual respect for each other needs. The purpose is to establish a harmonious working relationship with others, one that would enhance trust, inspire ideas, increase productivity, motivate improvements and create business synergies in our business engagement.

Notable Engineering Solution Provider
With years of trusted engineering excellence specializing in machining large and high precision parts catering for both local and international clients from diversified industries including those in the Oil & Gas, Hydraulic Products, Palm Oil and High Precision Machine Parts

In his wisdom, to work as a group in
"Togetherness" is the way forward
Work Together : Live Together : Progress Together
about-kuen-factory-view-03Togetherness in taking collective-responsibility to raise the level of professionalism, instill continuous learning, embrace new technologies, share knowledge, build harmonious relationship, practise ethical work cultures, improve industrial quality standards, adopt best practices, create real value for customers and contribute back to society and environment where we live and work, will inevitably make a real difference to where the profession and the industry will be heading into the future.

In short, we seek excellence always by being true to our profession, industry and society.

about-kuen-factory-view-16Inspired by the founder’s vision, "Kuen" is committed to continually seeking excellence through professional improvements in engineering technologies, knowledge, skill sets and innovative approaches.

With over 39 years of cumulative engineering experience and knowledge with industrial insights, Kuen Engineering has matured into a reputable one-stop engineering solution service provider with many loyal and satisfied customers who can testify Kuen Engineering's reputation for professional excellence in delivering trusted products of top quality.

As a responsible citizen of the profession, Alexis Liew, being one of the director of The Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Foundry and Engineering Industries Association commits himself to work closely with the association to explore growth potential, business opportunities, training programmes and employment prospects to inspire the next generation to take up this profession with passion for they are the succession for the industry.